Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School Newborough
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Newborough VIC 3825

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Special Specialist Day

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that on Friday May 22, we are having a “Special Specialist Day”. On this day, the children will not be receiving learning tasks from their teachers and there will not be any expectation for work to be completed and uploaded. This day provides the opportunity for our teachers to write the children’s mid-year reports which, while challenging in our current situation, is a mandatory legal obligation. The teachers will not be available to families on this day as they will be engaged in the report writing process throughout the day. The Specialist teachers will be providing the learning for our “Special Specialist Day” and you are welcome to choose to participate in any way that works for your family. There will not be any expectation that work will be uploaded on this day, however if you choose to participate in an activity and would like to upload it, you send it to the Specialist teacher, not your classroom teacher. You are free to create and participate in a wide range of fun activities for this day…perhaps you might like to cook an Italian lunch or dinner, perhaps you might do a piece of artwork that you would enjoy, you might choose to join in and do a dance video, some Karaoke perhaps…maybe you love to be active and would enjoy going for a walk, creating an obstacle course in your house or backyard…whatever you choose to do becomes your learning for the day! We appreciate your child’s commitment to learning consistently and this is our way of providing support to our teachers, as well as a fun, no stress, relaxing day for them. For the children who need to be onsite learning on Friday May 22, we will be providing a “Special Specialist Day” for them as well.
Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any queries or concerns regarding this day.

Kind regards

Lisa Broeren